Effective Sunday 21 September 2014

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions need to be clearly understood to ensure ongoing customer service:

1) We consider that the customer-supplier relationship is a partnership carrying responsibilities on both sides.

2) In a legal sense, none of our additional customer service is mandatory. The only guaranteed aspect of any purchase is the formal manufacturer's warranty.

3) Triple J Imports specifically provides our exceptional after-sales email troubleshooting service as a free bonus. We genuinely enjoy dealing with satisfied customers. We ask in return that customers acknowledge this service is a privilege, and treat us accordingly. In particular, this means paying invoices on time.

4) We will always try to respond quickly to emails for help. There may be some occasions, when the response time may be slower than desirable, due to competing time constraints. As a small business, time is our scarcest resource and must be allocated between many competing customer requirements.

5) In particular, troubleshooting issues take priority over responding to requests to quote on new business. While this may sometimes cause frustration to potential new customers, they can be assured that they will receive the same after-sales priority if they become customers.

6) Finally, if any customer fails to treat us in a civil, cooperative fashion, we reserve the right to terminate our non-warranty after-sales service without notice.